Why is it important for us to be right or wrong?!

During the last month (yes, as well driven by the time of the pandemic and kind of social isolation) I was more and more wondering about the root cause of my observation that many people (all?) are discussing and talking about facts and topics by taking an extreme position of right and wrong.

Was there a trend of seeing everything black or white and was I missing a point? Why is it that the majority of people (voter), public media (which addresses again the majority, because they make money with the size of audience) and politics (again, depending on the…

There is this non-translatable word “lagom” in swedish, which gets interpreted with “not too much, not too little”, which explains a lot about the people and the society in the northern european country.

My experience living there is a bit outdated (2001–2002 as a student and 2009 for work), but I can double that the deep-layered cultural behaviour and the over generations established “social norm” is more rational and more laid-back then most (maybe all) cultures in the world I am aware of.

I always refer back to my own observation and comparison during my first time in Sweden: in…

Something in german to think about … (copied with pride from @juliet türkoral)


Es könnte sein, dass in Italiens Häfen die Schiffe für die nächste Zeit brach liegen, … es kann aber auch sein, dass sich Delfine und andere Meereslebewesen endlich ihren natürlichen Lebensraum zurückzuholen dürfen. Delfine werden in Italiens Häfen gesichtet, die Fische schwimmen wieder in Venedigs Kanälen!

Es könnte sein, dass sich Menschen in ihren Häusern und Wohnungen eingesperrt fühlen, … es kann aber auch sein, dass sie endlich wieder miteinander singen, sich gegenseitig helfen und seit langem wieder ein Gemeinschaftsgefühl erleben. Menschen singen…

This article and overview written by Joost Minnaar from @corp_rebels is too good to not to be shared ;-) In a nutshell he is describing how companies in the future are going to organize themselves without the need of hierarchy and bureaucracy but using instead horizontal interactions (overcomes processes and rules) and building blocks (overcomes management) to organize people and work.

Blockchain is the next technology that will change human lives.

Some weeks ago I joined spontaneously an interesting meet-up in Düsseldorf: ProductTank with the topic “Blockchain”. Until then I was only an external observer of both, ProductTank and Blockchain. I mean, yes, I knew a bit about the principles of Blockchain and the key application “Bitcoin”, but that’s it — I did not make up my mind or analyzed any potential that might come with the new technology, nor did I anticipate Blockchain as new technology that could be interesting for me or my employer.

Sitting at the event and listening first to the presentations, that also had the main…

If you got here to learn how to enable the combination of agile (or Scrum) and OKRs I need to instantly disappoint you: I will not answer that question. Instead I will focus on the two buzzwords of the current digital industry and why I believe it is currently a huge misunderstanding (or even a conscious deceive by many current leaders).

Let’s start with the most current principle that almost everyone tries to adopt and is used in many conferences and barcamps of the world: the OKRs. Just within the recent days we discussed several times our experiences and best…

I strongly believe many (or even all) of you who took notice of the new Google messenger with the name “Allo” thought and still think that it is just another messenger, like FB or WhatsApp.

Same applies for me, but I just changed my opinion.

It is the integrated Google bot, the „Google Assistant“, that makes the difference. It is basically the humanize version of Google Search and it connects the user not only to search results, but also to other Google apps, like Google Maps.

If one think it further Google introduced a new unique door that connects the social part of the messenger with any kind of search and application integration that you could think of, which could result into the new „gate“ to the internet.

Really interesting to see who will win the messenger game and who will own this new „main entrance“.

Well, this is no surprise due to the human way of life, but I recently noticed that I am using social media solutions not anymore as the majority or at least “early adapters” are doing it:

  1. I finally deinstalled Snapchat — I really don’t get it what it is or how I should use it. Content is boring and super hard to browse (for me) and it neither entertains me nor informs me
  2. I know my ICQ number and password and was able to login to their new app — nobody of my old chat contacts were active anymore
  3. I like Twitter and I actively use Facebook.
  4. Instagram might be the last social media world I am willing to accept.

I guess I will lean back now and let the next generation do whatever they do 😎

To sum it up upfront: I could do the switch instantly without any problem.

The price is comparable low but the 32GB + 200GB extension optionally available is crucial upfront. The exchangeable rather plastic cover might not feel as exclusive as the iPhone body, but it is very light and provides a good feeling while holding it. The battery lasts 36 hours in normal usage with all background activities on, which is 50% more then the iPhone 6. All apps I am using on my iPhone 6 are now as well available for Windows 10 as well (which was the…

Torsten Schollmayer

Father of two, business coach, former product director and head of innovation, passionate soccer coach and supports @fcbayern. http://about.me/scholly

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